About Us


We have long felt a deep connection with the people and culture that makes Vietnam such a special place. It is through this that we learned how bamboo is part of the fabric of their lives. It is a food resource, provides shelter and its natural richness enables them to transform their surroundings in many different ways.


We can look at a place and observe the difficulties, the social challenges and the problems, or we can have a simpler look at the whole.
We believe that we can make a difference. We believe that we can change the realities that many do not even care to look at.
We believe in people and believe that their work is their craft, handed down over many generations. Just as we are sure you also believe in acquiring this piece of art.

Bamboo, a symbolic material from Vietnam, which represents the resilience and bravery of the Vietnamese people. You have in your hands a work of art, handmade by these gentle and skilled people who value doing.
Bamboo is a sustainable way of manufacturing the most diverse types of products without hurting the environment. It regenerates itself which in effect means it lives on forever.


The purchase of your product helps a small community in Vietnam, a country with natural beauty and an incredible culture in Southeast Asia.
No matter how beautiful a country is, along with its culture and its history, its greatest wealth will still be its people. We feel privileged to represent these people and their art and showcase them to the world.
Your product was made with affection and a lot of hard work. It was made so that you can take pride in owning this piece of art.


Social Awareness
In addition to helping this small community in Vietnam, your purchase also helps to maintain an NGO in Vietnam that takes care of abandoned animals. Part of our income is returned to the NGO for the purchase of feed, vaccines and medicine. Veterinary professionals devote their life in the care of these animals.
In this way, the entire environment surrounding the bamboo forests scattered throughout the country benefits. If you have purchased this product so your pet has better comfort, know that this has also helped other pets in a different way on the other side of the world. Only those who truly love their pet know the feeling of fullness they bring us is. Thank you for your purchase, thank you for your trust!

This is the beauty and character of a natural product handmade with lots of love!